Using e-Col

e-Col is in use
Among other companies, users of e-Col work for Bayer, Eli-Lilly, Grünenthal, Universities of Copenhagen, Aarhus, Heidelberg, Oxford and others, Charité Hospital Berlin, Esteve, INSERM or the National Metrology Institute of Germany.
    • R&D projects that use e-Col
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      The aim of this IMI2 project is to significantly advance therapies for patients suffering from chronic or acute pain. 40 partners from 14 countries are working on this common goal. This involves the interplay of 23 research institutions and universities, 5 highly specialised small and mid-sized companies, 6 patient organisations or pain societies, respectively, and 6 large pharmaceutical companies including Grunenthal, Lilly and Bayer. All use e-Col to share files, results or write reports. Find out more here:
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      Gliomark is a project between our Greek partner company ProActina SA an ourselves. We are co-developing a radio-diagnostic kit to differentiate between brain tumours and not-malign anomalies.
      We use the e-Col to share files and collectively work on them together with subcontractors and consultants in order to plan and conduct clinical phases II and III. Find out more here:
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      Smartbees is about revealing factors responsible for resistance of honey bees to the varroa parasite. Research institutions across Europe effectively and cost-efficiently work together using e-Col.
      Find out more here:
      KMU Net C
      Within VSOP, companies and research institutions across Germany work together to co-develop iron-based contrast agents to be used in magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) for diagnosis of vascular diseases in patients who have an issue with iodine or gadolinium based contrast agents.
      More information at
    • Other use-cases
      There are numerous applications to make use of e-Col:

      • Virtual companies and start-ups may exchange quickly and easily files, data and information and work together on documents
      • Preparing regulatory documents across branches and with external consultants
      • Collaboration platform for mixed business and academic organisations
      • Preparing legal documents in law firms across different sites without compromising confidentiality
      • Collaboratively authoring research proposals, publications, books
      • Managing R&D projects with third parties without using internal IT infrastructure
      • Easy set-up and managing your own secure data room
      • Optimal to integrated the home office of employees in the usual office work at the company

    • Pricing
      We have a competitive pricing model which is based on the size of the system and attractive also to smaller companies:
      • We offer a variety of one-time set-up fees and monthly fees, adapted to the number of users.
      • The set-up fee includes adequate time for consulting and training.
      • Additional demands for consulting and/or training as well as complex emergency-cases will be charged by the hour.
      Please see the price list here.