Collaboration in the cloud reinvented

Securely, collaboratively and simultaneously working with many team members on the same document across company or department borders in a GDPR compliant environment?

Yes - e-Col
makes it possible!


Simultaneously editing Word, PowerPoint and Excel documents with many authors

File sharing and file editing across departments and company borders

Secure and GDPR compliant IT environment: only you and team members you invite have access to data

Scalable for up to many thousand participants

No local setup, completely browser-operated

Project management included: chat, video calls, to do lists, calendar, scheduling meetings


Preparing regulatory documents across branches and with external consultants

Collaboration platform for mixed business and academic organisations

Preparing legal documents in internationally acting law firms without compromising confidentiality

Collaboratively authoring research proposals, publications, books

Managing R&D projects with third parties without using internal IT infrastructure

Optimal integration of home office staff in the usual office work

ConsulTech GmbH

e-Col is a service offered by ConsulTech GmbH from Berlin, Germany.

Since 1992, we are consulting companies and research institutions in acquiring public funding for R&D projects.

For funded projects, we assume administrative and project management roles. e-Col was originally developed for these purposes.

As a "Content Collaboration Platform" e-Col is in use for collaboratively achieving common goals.

Users of e-Col work for pharmaceutical companies such as Bayer, Lilly, Gruenenthal, for Universities such as Heidelberg, Oxford, Aarhus and for national research institutes such as INSERM or PTB.

The technology underlying the software is also used by the German Federal administration for secure file exchange.

Download the flyer here.

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