Secure file sharing and editing with


e-Col for collaboratively achieving common goals
e-Col is Content Collaboration Platform.

It does so by enabling file sharing, file syncing and
collaboratively and simultaneously editing common office documents such as Word*, Excel* and Powerpoint* files.

e-Col instances run on separate servers, usually outside of the client's own IT environment. Clients have complete control over users and their access rights. The IT environment is GDPR compliant.

Users of e-Col may share all kinds of documents (not restricted in file types). Online-editing, however, is limited to Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OpenOffice, and regular Text files (txt, html, etc).

e-Col has been developed to enable online editing of these documents simultaneously with other users of e-Col, or even with guests.

e-Col uses
NextCloud and OnlyOffice in an integrated work space.

* These are registered trademarks of Microsoft Inc.

e-Col - Technical details and functionality
e-Col is entirely server based.

Installation of a software at the user computer is not required.

e-Col is completely browser-operated and is therefore available and
functional on all systems (incl. mobile devices) using standard browsers.

The system is available is
many languages (e.g. German, English, French, Spanish, Greek and others).

e-Col features include
daily backups enabling the restoration of different file versions for several months. Backups are stored on separate servers.

highest level of security can be realised by restricting access via an IP filter.

File sharing

  • Easy access anywhere via browser on any device
  • File encryption possible, however, this leads to limited editing functionality
  • Complete control over access rights
  • Highest security measures while remaining user friendly
  • Share, collaborate and communicate across organisational boundaries
  • Enhanced productivity through built-in features
    • Notifications after file modifications
    • Chat, audio calls, comments on files
  • Project management features such as mail integration, calendar, tasks/to do lists
  • Automated back-ups with versioning

File editing

  • View, edit and collaborate on documents, spreadsheets and presentations
  • 100% compatible with Microsoft Office formats; save on-line documents on your computer in standard formats
  • Easy access anywhere via browser on any device
  • Fonts and styles, format text, adjust line and paragraph spacing, change the page layout as you are used to do
  • Insert objects, move, resize, align them, change wrapping styles, fill with colour or pattern, etc.
  • Collaborate on documents with your team:
    • use the track change modus
    • discuss the process in the built-in chat
  • Use your spreadsheet files online to build, check and discuss your calculations
  • Generate your presentations in real-time with colleagues


Security & GDPR

  • Closed environment - company or project internal access only
  • Connections are secured by several layers: ssl certificates, latest secure protocol suite, high grade encryption key) and by use of https and specific certificates
  • Underlying technology is used by the German Federal administration for secure file exchange
  • 2-server-configuration: file sharing and file editing functionalities use different servers
    • editing server protected by additional passphrases
  • Backups stored encrypted on separate servers
  • Special measures to prevent brute force attacks
  • All servers are dedicated root servers and are located in computer centers in Germany (location in other countries possible); the computer centers are certified according to ISO/IEC 27001:2013
  • Administrative access to servers additionally secured by IP filtering
  • Using a high performance database engine for file sharing offers much more benefits than standard database engines; thousands of users are possible